Sunday, March 1

Ancient Egypt themed restaurant

This is my first post in a series of articles about possible ideas for themed restaurants. Creating an interesting environment is a great way to attract patrons, often from outside of the immediate area. It does not have to be expensive. All it takes is an original idea, a proper design and some artifacts that can flesh out the theme you have in mind.

Ancient Egypt is a fascinating topic for both adults and kids. I have been unable to find any restaurants that feature this theme, but it seems that this idea could be very easily implemented. I would be delighted if someone became inspired by this idea. Let's look at some key elements:

  • Exterior and interior design must be done in warm sandy colors, with accents of white, blue, red and gold.
  • I would suggest hard wood flooring and simple wooden furniture. You can go with wooden benches for a rather authentic look.
  • There are some traditional Egyptian decorative motifs that you can easily apply on various surfaces. Use this site for reference:
  • For accents, use objects directly associated with Egyptian culture: statues and paintings of Bastet cats, Ankhs (ancient Egyptian symbol of life and eternity), busts of Egyptian gods and rulers.
  • Look for museum quality reproductions of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. You can obtain amazing objects that can be prominently displayed at the entrance of the restaurant. This will entertain the patrons and can even attract new customers. If possible invest in a few actual antiques to anchor your little museum area.
  • It would not be a great idea to look to Ancient Egyptians for inspiration when you are selecting menu items for your restaurant. I would suggest to look at a variety of generally popular Mediterranean dishes. Of course, the Nile can provide a very natural sagway for fish. Consider placing a complimentary basket of bread or fresh fruit on every table when your patrons arrive.