Friday, November 20

Restaurant Design: New Baroque style

The term New Baroque has not been clearly defined, but in my personal opinion the idea is clear. The original Baroque style saw its purpose in astonishing the viewer, sometimes even employing optical illusions, mechanical novelties etc. Modern reincarnations of the same design approach deserve to be classified as New Baroque. These spaces are always a pleasure to behold, even though some of them don't look particularly reminiscent of that famous era in art history.

Bon restaurant (Moscow, Russia)

Buddakan (New York)

Caspaia (Brussels)

Chateau (Tokyo)

The restaurant is located in an authentic looking Baroque building. Don't you want to see what's inside?

The Cristal Room (Paris, France)

Lagrimas Negras (Madrid, Spain)

The name of this Spanish restaurant means Black Tears, a visual concept certainly reflected in the design.

Gilt (New York)

Fabbrica (Rotterdam, Netherlands)